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The reviews of our students are our best presentation. You can read them on our Facebook , on Google Maps and on our website: TESTIMONIALS.

Before we were in Palermo Viejo. Now we offer you classes in the area of Facultad de Medicina and all over the city. As usual we can go to your place, to your Coworking, your workplace or the bar of your choice as well as online by Zoom, Google Meet or Skype.

We are a school specialized in teaching Spanish to foreigners. We have gained a wide range of experience since our school was created in 2004. A source of particular success has historically been our personalized teaching methods. We have had countless students and some have become dear friends

“Learning another language is not just learning different words for the same thing, but learning another way of thinking about things”

We want you to take advantage of your Spanish classes to the fullest because we think that the more you enjoy the more you learn.

And as our best presentation are our students, here we share just a few reviews that they left us:

After searching far and wide in Buenos Aires for the perfect Spanish class, I found what I was looking for at Ayres de Español. Mariana is one of the most knowledgeable professors and talented teachers I have ever worked with. I believe that I learned more with her in three weeks than I learned in six months at the University of Barcelona, Spain. As a passionate student of Spanish, Ayres was a dream come true. As a new teacher, Mariana was a true inspiration.

Nora Dumke 2007

Ayres de Español is a perfect place for travelers like me to learn and improve vocabulary and practice Spanish with teachers who are really smart, professional and friendly. Whether you already know a lot or are just beginning, there are classes and opportunities for every level. After a few weeks I was able to go out to clubs, chat with Porteños, and travel with confidence!

Daniel Firger 2006

I was very happy with the private classes I took with Marianna. The quality of the teaching is extremely good. It’s custom-designed for whatever level you are, and whatever your focus or needs or interests may be, within learning Spanish and also learning about the Spanish-speaking world. Highly recommendable!!!

Nina Andersen, Norway 2006

Director: Prof. Mariana Spirito Universidad Católica Argentina

Mariana Spirito

Professor in Literature

"I started teaching Spanish to foreigners in 1992. When I had finished my university studies, I went on travels spending time abroad to broaden my skills I had acquired at university. When I returned to Buenos Aires, an English teacher and friend referred a student to me who needed help with the Spanish language. Therefore, I started my experience of teaching specifically foreigners. Thereafter I started teaching foreign residences of the Israeli Embassy, where I have been working for 14 years as well as the British and Finish Embassy. Besides, I had students in companies such as Unilever and the World Bank.

As I wanted to specialize and continue learning, I studied Applied Linguistics in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language at the Instituto Nacional del Profesorado Joaquin V. Gonzalez. Today, with all this experience, I enjoy teaching, the coordination and what I care the most is the contact with students, from whom I learn so much”.

Ayres de Español

Spanish Center.




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