In Ayres de Español Spanish Centre, we care most for the quality of our courses and it is therefore that we offer the highest standard of training.
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Fuyuka, 18/12/12

I moved to Argentina just over a year ago. When I arrived I had hardly known any of spanish, so I literally started from scratch. I wasn’t sure how the clases were going to work at first but the teacher always ensures that the clases are tailored to exactly correct level for me.
I am very pleased to fin dan excelent teacher and patient too! She makes the clases really interesting and enjoyable but challenging at the same time. With her support, I have made a lot of progress since starting.
All teachers, staff and cats working here are very friendly and generous.
I always feel welcomed here!

Jan Luedert

Dear Ayres de Espanol Team,
thank you so much for a wonderful month of studying Castellano in your beautiful school. I have not only learned an immense amount but have had the pleasure to meet some of the nicest people who acustomed me to porteno culture, art and literature all of which would have otherwise remained hidden from my sight. After having spent a full month living and breathing the air of Palermo I can only thank you for equipping me with the language tools to make my time in B.A. sooooo much better. Thank you all un gran beso rrrrrre BUENO! Jan Luedert www.janluedert.com

Daniel Firger

Ayres de Espanol is a perfect place for travelers like me to learn and improve vocabulary and practice Spanish with teachers who are really smart, professional and friendly. Whether you already know a lot or are just beginning, there are classes and opportunities for every level. After a few weeks I was able to go out to clubs, chat with Portenos, and travel with confidence!

Elise Bialyew

I spent two weeks studying spanish in Buenos Aires and was absolutely thrilled with my lessons at Ayres de Espanol. I had spent a number of days researching which place to study in and tried a number of different places which were more expensive in ugly areas and with big group classes were you barely had any time to converse. The things I loved about Ayres de Espanol where: The teachers are of high quality- I had most of my lessons with Mariana and learnt so much. The location of the school is by far the best in Buenos Aires- right in the heart of palermo, so that in the breaks you can sit in a cafe and do your homework over a coffee and medialuna! And the prices were extremely easonable. I would recommend this school without hesitation!
Thanks ladies for a wonderful, fun learning experience in Buenos  Aires....
Regards- Elise Bialyew




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