Palermo Viejo

Gurruchaga 1851 between streets Nicaragua and Costa Rica. >> see map

Ayres de Español, Spanish Center is located in the heart of what is traditionally known by the Porteños as Palermo Viejo; in recent years retailers began to call this area Palermo Soho, because of its bohemian and flowering creative hub of art galleries, art and design studios as well as artisanal, designer and fashion shops. Palermo Hollywood is also a part of our neighbourhood just across the Avenida Juan B. Justo, where TV and radio producers coexist in a mix of restaurants and a lively nightlife, hence the new name. Both Soho and Hollywood has a high concentration of bars and restaurants providing all types of cuisine such as: Mexican, Vietnamese, Brazilian, Japanese, Italian, Armenian, Moroccan, Spanish and of course typical Argentine cuisine both from Buenos Aires as well as from all regions of the country.
Tourists will encounter countless designer shops situated in refurbished charming old houses. This modernity coexists with the neighbourhood’s history that evokes in its cobblestones, sculptured angels on building facades, from doorways or garages from which sounds a tango. Borges poems also lurk around every corner. Precisely in Jorge Luis Borges Street, previously called Serrano, renamed after the writer who lived at house number 2245 for some years of his childhood. At that time, around 1910, Borges met the real outlaws or Cuchilleros, knife fighters, some of which he saw, others were reported through stories of the neighbours. All these characters live in many of his short stories.
The neighbourhood is quiet during the week but is another sight from Friday to Sunday. On weekends, it is a big tourists attraction in search of crafts and design objects. In both plazas, Cortazar and Palermo Viejo, craft and art fairs can be found.
From around October with dusk falling the distant sounds of the rhythm of drums and conga drums of the Murga groups can be heard. Old and young teach dance steps and rehearse in the streets preparing for the February carnival, a remnant of the black population that inhabited the Rio de la Plata and endures alive forever in Palermo.

Facultad de Medicina

Tucuman 2430, between streets Azcuénaga and Larrea. >>ver mapa

As of 2019 we also offer the possibility of taking your classes at our place in the area, Facultad de Medicina, in a historic building, from 1910, with two gardens wich presents a friendly and typical Buenos Aires environment. Furthermore, easy access by three subway lines, B, D and H and by a large number of busses.
We also offer the service to teach you at your workspace, the place where you are staying or a bar of your choice.



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Ayres de Español

Spanish center.



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