What sets us apart from other schools?

Personalised learning

How do we teach? The first thing we do is inviting you to visit our school and meet you to talk about your expectations, needs and knowledge, if you're in Buenos Aires. If not we offer you have this talk through Skype so you can plan your course before travelling. With that information, we can give our opinion on which course is best for you, taking into account:
- How long you will be in Buenos Aires.
- If you go to work or school while learning Spanish.
- If you are travelling to other countries in Latin America.

For advanced student we can also offer the following:
- Focus on literature, history, film, art, theatre, etc.
- Learning the informal Spanish and Lunfardo, the original tango language, using audiovisual material, literature, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Our teachers.

Who will be teaching you?
Each of our professors have graduated with a degree in language and literature or are advanced students. They highly enjoy teaching and have a broad range of experience as well as draw on their own experience of having learned foreign languages. They have a very strong understanding of Latin American language and culture. All of them are fluent in English to secure a common level of communication with the students.

Flexibility in scheduling classes

All classes are scheduled weekly according to your preference and time availability.
At your convenience we are open to teach you at our school, in your home or place of work or in a cafe you may choose what is most suitable for you.

Prime location

We are in the heart of Palermo Soho, one block from the Plaza Palermo Viejo and three of the square Julio Cortázar, also called Plaza Serrano.
Palermo Soho is a recent name for a traditional area of Palermo Viejo, the second oldest neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.
The name Soho alludes to the fusion of vibrant designer shops, accessories and fashion, art galleries, restaurants and cafes, all this joins the bohemian atmosphere that keeps this area once home to writers like Borges and Cortázar.

Registration free of charge!

In Ayres de Espa?ol we do not charge any registration fee, you only will be charged for scheduled classes. Both the initial interview and assessment are free of charge.


Ayres de Espa?ol

Spanish center.



Muchas gracias!