Hello to all Spanish students and to our “students de Ayres”!
Our special Conversation Group is well underway. 
Special, because it is always a small group and the coordinator can offer you all their experience and knowledge.
We will be welcoming you every Monday at 5:00 pm at Gurruchaga 1851, Palermo, with our tipical Creole snack to share 1.5 hours of a relaxed time with an insured learning.
We will be talking about cultural topics of Argentine, Buenos Aires and Latin America.
Chat, debate, reading, playing and group activities.
Please confirm your attendance under or WhatsApp: +54 911 4074 6378, since there are only 7 places available.
It is free of charge for our students at Ayres de Español.
The charge for other students will be US $ 10 per meeting.
You can join at any time!
Greetings and thank you for charring this information amongst your friends!

Spanish Writing Workshop



Experience Buenos Aires like a 21st century journalist. Become a chronicler, an interviewer, meet unique people, discover hidden places in the city and improve your Spanish oral and writing skills.

Focused on intermediate or advanced Spanish students, this workshop aims to develope the oral and writing processes linked with the genres of journalism and literature to achieve, that way, an amazing amount of practice of the Spanish Language, an improvement on their communicative skills and learning experience based on the same basic questions we must face when we meet the blank page: What? When? Who? Where? Why? How?


Ayres de Español

Spanish center.



Muchas gracias!